Traffic Measurements

Network monitoring, packet dissection and DPI tools, data analysis and visualization using the complete Python data-science stack.

Internet Infrastructure

Data and control-plane analysis at regional and worlds-largest Internet Exchange Points as well as transnational Internet Service Providers.

Network Security

Deployment of honepyots, DDoS attack detection and mitigation, overall network health assessment and long-term trends.


Selected Publications

Uncovering Vulnerable Industrial Control Systems from the Internet Core

Our paper on vulnerable industrial control systems was accepted for publication at the NOMS 2020 conference. MIT Technology Review, one of the top tech magazines, also featured our work [here].
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Down the Black Hole: Dismantling Operational Practices of BGP Blackholing at IXPs

Our paper on operational practices of BGP Blackholing at IXPs was accepted for publication at the top tier conference ACM IMC 2019. I have also presented our findings at [RIPE 79].
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On the Potential of BGP Flowspec for DDoS Mitigation at Two Sources: ISP and IXP

Our poster on fine-grained DDoS mitigation was accepted for publication at the ACM SIGCOMM conference. I was awarded a silver medal at the SIGCOMM Student Research Competition [SRC].
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