Traffic Measurements

Network monitoring, packet dissection and DPI tools, data analysis and visualization using complete data-science stacks.

Internet Infrastructure

Data and control-plane analysis at regional and worlds-largest Internet Exchange Points as well as transnational Internet Service Providers.

Network Security

Deployment of honepyots, DDoS attack detection and mitigation, overall network health assessment and long-term trends.


Selected Publications

Spoki: Unveiling a New Wave of Scanners through a Reactive Network Telescope

I had the pleasure to support [Raphael] with IXP & ISP measurements to create a large-scale characterization of malicious two-phase scanners. Accepted at USENIX Sec ‘22 conference.
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Transparent Forwarders: An Unnoticed Component of the Open DNS Infrastructure

Our paper on hidden but [open] DNS infrastructures which can be utilized for measurements and attacks has been accepted at the CoNEXT conference 2021. I received the best [presentation] award.
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QUICsand: Quantifying QUIC Reconnaissance Scans and DoS Flooding Events

Our paper on quantifying QUIC DoS attacks has been accepted at the IMC conference 2021. We have also presented our work at [DUST2021].
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The Far Side of DNS Amplification: Tracing the DDoS Attack Ecosystem from the Internet Core

Our paper about the DNS amplification ecosystem and the limitations of honeypot platforms has been accepted at the IMC conference 2021.
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Uncovering Vulnerable Industrial Control Systems from the Internet Core

Our paper on vulnerable industrial control systems has been accepted at the NOMS 2020 conference and nominated as 1 of the best 15 technical papers. We were featured by [MIT Technology Review].
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Down the Black Hole: Dismantling Operational Practices of BGP Blackholing at IXPs

Our paper on BGP Blackholing at IXPs was accepted at the top tier conference ACM IMC 2019. I have presented our findings at [RIPE 79] and [MIX Salottino] and have been featured by [Rule11/APNIC].
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On the Potential of BGP Flowspec for DDoS Mitigation at Two Sources: ISP and IXP

Our poster on fine-grained DDoS mitigation was accepted at the ACM SIGCOMM 2018 conference. I was awarded a silver medal at the SIGCOMM Student Research Competition [SRC].
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